RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 7 Area: Religious sciences

Jalal Salman KADHIM & Muslim Hussein ATTIA
The reason for choosing the topic: Highlighting the true face of Islams treatment of women, demanding their rights and raising their status, which we find clearly in the Holy Quran and in the purified Sunnah. The research problem: the most important problems facing society today are the many grievances of women, especially the incorrect handling of them, either for material or opportunistic reasons, to try to humiliate them and diminish their affair and return to the compass of the pre-Islamic era in the bad treatment of her in all aspects, forgetting that it is the basis of society. The researchers tried to find Ways to treat this problem through the folds of research. Research plan: The research was divided into two topics and a group of demands: The first topic: The Noble Quran prohibits oppression of women The first requirement: The Noble Quran forbids oppressing a woman from giving a woman her friendship. The second requirement: The Quran prohibits oppression of the publisher of women The third requirement: the prohibition of the Noble Quran from wronging women by giving them The second topic: The Quran prohibits harm and dilemmas against women The first requirement: The Noble Quran prohibits harm to women The second requirement: The Quran prohibits oppressing women with their dilemmas. The third requirement: The Noble Quran forbids wronging women by hurting them with dhihar.

Keywords: Prohibitions, Injustice, Harm, Woman, The Qur'an.

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