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Muhamad Yasin Mahmud ALMSHHADANI


Pensions are the lifeblood of society and the basis for building a family. It is manifold with many branches because it has a close relationship with people's lives and their requirements, costs of living, and the prices of things as real estate, such as houses or land and buildings, and the prices of living materials of all kinds and the prices of jewels, clothes and animals, as well as compensation for damage Material, and the topic of blood money, inheritance and loss, or what was in the rule of real estate such as ships, or money, whether it was slaves, or others, it is a very complex topic and the process of limiting it in a very difficult research, and therefore I have limited the research to the pensions of the caliphs, princes, ministers, judges, pimps, writers and workers, since I took over The Caliphate Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (may God be pleased with him), until the end of the Abbasid state, traced the difference in the pension scale and the reasons that led to this difference, and the belief of the caliphs that they did not have to account or torment in taking money, and bad scholars nourished this belief and increased it in their ability to The hearts of these tyrants, but things changed when righteous caliphs took over, and the situation did not continue on that, so the caliphs of the Abbasid state were at their disposal houses of money, and in their hands, they distribute from it as they wish and forbid what they want. It is forbidden for those who want, as they added to themselves and the people of their house, but when the non-Arabs conquered the state, they reduced the powers of the Caliph, as a sum of money was set for him only, and the livelihood of judges, pimps and clerks was changing according to the change of the rulers in that period of the state. Islamic

Keywords: The Pension In Islam, The Adult Caliphs’ Pension, The Caliphs and Their Role In Determining The Pension, The Pension of Guardians, Pimps, Writers and Workers in The Islamic State.