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Salih Mahdi Hameed AL-SHUKRI


Mariam Al-zarouni is a prolific writer and artist in UAE: she is a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, a painter, and a sculpture. Her literary and artistic genre diversity has duly attracted the attention of both readers and critics due to the relatively brief span of time during which she has emerged as a female renown writer who has enjoyed a Pan-Arab fame, in addition to her connections with literary societies abroad. Interestingly, she embarks on a variety of contemporary issues that are related to her society. This paper is devoted to the study of Al-zarouni's literary works: selected poems from her two Poem Collections. The selected poems mainly focus on her feminist criticism of the outcomes of the Masculinity ancient societal structure. Her one novel A Letter from Harvard is a fiction work that has been granted the A'wees award, and it has been written to discuss Juveniles' issues. In her novel, the novelist\poet elegantly introduces a great lesson that the basic way to improve and develop her society is that of science. She really displays poignant knowledge of the Juveniles' mentalities.

Keywords: Mariam Al-Zarouni, Female Writers, Contemporary Arab Poets, Novelists, Feminism.