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Sana Izz Aldin ATARI


This research deals with the mask technique in contemporary Arabic poetry in terms of its concept, spread, characteristics, and the creativity of Arab poets in using it, to express their feelings and thoughts in a time when harsh political and social conditions prevailed, and in light of the lack of freedom of expression in the Arab world. The mask technique is a literary concept that expresses the poet's use of terms and visual images to express his feelings and thoughts in a way that makes them have multiple and different connotations. This poetic style reflects the poet's ability to express in an abstract and symbolic manner, creating deep moral layers in the poetic text. The use of the mask technique in modern Arabic poetry includes many elements, such as metaphor, simile, symbolism, and allegory. The poet relies on these elements to express his feelings and thoughts in a way that makes the reader interact with the text and search for deeper meanings in it. The mask technique is considered one of the literary techniques that distinguishes modern Arabic poetry and adds artistic and cultural value to it. This technique is used to explore different themes such as love, home, identity, freedom, daily life, and social issues. The mask technique in modern Arabic poetry represents an artistic means that allows the poet to express his thoughts and feelings in an innovative and attractive way, and enhances the strength of the poetic text and its appeal to readers.

Keywords: Mask Technique, Poetic Style, Symbol, Contemporary Arabic poetry.