RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences


      RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciencesis an international scientific journal published by Rimar Academy in Istanbul, Turkey. The journal publishes original research, studies and revisions in various human and social sciences.RIMAKJournal publishes research, studies and revisions written in English, Arabic, andTurkishwhich are judged by a committee of arbitrators and experts to be handed over to the editorial board to determine its suitability for publication

      The board of referees and editors is a collective body of international and Turkish expert scholars who consider the liability of research projects to be published according to the parameters and regulations of RIMAK.Being open access and online available, it is able to offer excellent visibility and a fast processing time from submission to publication. RIMAK aims to provide an inter-disciplinary forum to showcase state-of-the-art research challenges on human and social sciences.