RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences


     Humanities and social sciences are of a wide range of political, religious, spiritual, literary, philosophical, and artistic, and all sciences that sought to address the issues of society. And it is the group of people that make up this society, so the study of social sciences is very important. It tackles the human life, his issues for understanding the life, and others, for developing it, and living with them in the style of a happy human life in its religious, moral, linguistic, literary and historical aspects... It is important, because it helps man to understand himself firstly, and understand his society secondly. Then, he could understand his religion, language, manners, his values, customs, traditions, history, and society, added to his understanding of the languages and traditions of others. If a man who is the core of society and life relies on previous giving's, he will live a balanced happy life, and seek to build civilization, serve humanity instead of corrupting and destroying it. Consequently, the study of the social sciences and their research are important, because the social sciences are based on the true civilization of humanity, which respects the human being whom God has honored by giving him the mind as a guide, and made him above all other creatures.