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Moulaye Abdel Kader MOULAYE ISMAIL


Building a strong business-bank relationship involves clear communication, transparency about your company's financial needs, and understanding the services offered by the bank. Regularly review and update your financial strategy with your bank to ensure it aligns with your business goals. Islamic finance in Mauritania operates in compliance with Sharia principles, avoiding interest-based transactions. While it can provide ethical financial solutions, business failure can still occur due to various factors such as economic instability, mismanagement, or external market conditions. Evaluating risks, adhering to Islamic financial principles, and implementing sound business practices are crucial to mitigate the potential for failure. Financial failure can result from a variety of factors, including poor financial management, excessive debt, economic downturns, or inadequate market research. It's essential for businesses to maintain financial discipline, regularly assess their financial health, and adapt strategies to changing circumstances to minimize the risk of financial failure. Seeking professional advice, managing cash flow effectively, and maintaining transparency in financial reporting are key practices to safeguard against financial setbacks. This research addresses the bank-business relationship by emphasizing the role of Islamic finance in the fight against business failure. The outline of our article is as follows: 1) A literature review on microfinance and its role in financing SMEs and also its role in the fight against unemployment among young graduates. It will be a literature that sweeps from the regional context to an international context. 2) Identification of research hypotheses and development of a questionnaire 3) Analysis of quantitative data using SPSS software and validation of hypotheses. Proposal for a modeling for the relationship between microfinance and the fight against youth unemployment in Mauritania. 4) Discussions of scientific results and recommendations for future research avenues.

Keywords: Enterprise Bank, Islamic Finance, the financial failure of companies in Mauritania.