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Abdulsalam Hameed ALRAMADHANI


The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is a modern science that has benefited various disciplines, contributing to the enhancement of service quality across different sectors, including training. This study aims to explore the use of AI applications in the training field in the Sultanate of Oman. The research investigates the current utilization of these applications in training, the challenges faced by trainers, and the key areas of application in training. The researcher employed a descriptive methodology, suitable for this study, with a study population comprising members of the Omani Trainers Association affiliated with the Human Resources Association. The sample targeted 78 trainers in various fields. A questionnaire, consisting of 26 items distributed across two axes (reality and challenges), was prepared for data collection. Additionally, an open-ended question was included for the third aspect of the study. Statistical methods, including frequency and percentage calculations, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, and Cronbach's alpha, were used to analyze the data, ensuring the reliability and validity of the study tool. The study results indicate that, from the perspective of the study sample, the current implementation of AI applications in training is perceived as average. This reflects their dissatisfaction with this reality, which contradicts the vision and mission of a true trainer. The study also identifies various challenges in the use of AI applications in training, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to find practical solutions and provide better services that help organizations achieve their goals. Furthermore, the study highlights seven areas where trainers utilize AI applications in training, with knowledge and information search and scientific facts research leading among these areas. The study recommends the development of a specialized program for training professional trainers in the application of AI across all fields.

Keywords: Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Training.