RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 7 Area: Language Teaching

Hazim Mohammed Husseyin HASSAN & Ali Hussein HASSAN
Khaldun Taner is a great Turkish writer, academic, and journalist. He was born in Istanbul in 1915, and died in his home city of Istanbul in 1986. He wrote many stories and plays during his seventy years of age. Writers describe him according to his writings as one of the most prominent people who used the fluent Turkish language and addressed all classes of people. Many readers have read his productions, both in his life and after his death. His stories "A Morning in the Palace" occupy a great place among all of his stories. We note all kinds of eloquence in this book and that the literary impact of 7 independent short stories can be dealt with from many aspects. In addition to this study, we will study the nature portrayal in the tale of Khaldun Tanner, which bears the name "A Morning in the Palace" which is a wonderful effect. And that the main reason for choosing this topic is because it is the subject of nature portrayal that attracted our attention, and differs from the rest of the studies, and that Khaldoun Tanner provided us with a depiction of nature with his own tale of nature and with great precision through his observation of nature and he has a high experience in narrating it. And events usually take place in Istanbul, where he was born and raised. Despite the concerns of life by going from home to work, he was dealing with nature in a smooth manner. We will study this topic under clear headings. We started this study with a comprehensive summary of the writer. Then we dealt with the life of Khaldoun Tanner and his literary personality and his effects, and then we deal with the body of the research, which is a portrayal of nature in Khaldun Tanners story entitled A Morning in the Palace.

Keywords: Khaldoun Tanner, Nature, Morning at The Palace, Story, Sun, Moon, Sea, Portrayal, Observation, Living, Daily Life, Istanbul, Day and Night, Story, Art of Imaging, Observation Skill, Art, Literature.

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