RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year:2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 7 Area: Literature

Ahmet AFAK
Over time, Turks have been in bilateral relations in the vast geography they have lived in, and due to the abundance of cultures they are in, they both gave many words to the languages they are in contact with, and they have taken many words from the cultures they are in contact with. This interaction was sometimes one-way and many words from the languages it interacted with entered Turkish. In this case, some words have been used unconsciously in Turkish language over the years. It is known that there are more words taken from the languages of neighboring countries especially in the border regions than in the inner regions. Although Turkish is known to have a historical past and a rich language, it is seen that in recent years, it has been exposed to corruption, especially with words taken from works translated from Western languages. It is possible to come across many foreign words in the Turkish Language these days, since we are in the information age. However, the equivalents of most words were determined and published by the Turkish Language Association. When we look at the recent history, it is seen that some words that were used frequently by the society a few generations ago lost their meaning over time or their usage area has shrunk. Some words, whose usage area has narrowed nowadays, could not go beyond a certain region. In this study, words that are not used in the written language used among the people in the Kumlu district of Hatay, which is the border region (Syrian border), or are partially used in written language were compiled. The words used in this region are still spoken by very old people, those of middle age and older understand these words but do not use them, while the young population does not understand at all.

Keywords: Hatay-Kumlu Mouth, Turkish Language, Dictionary, Turkish, Words, Compilation Studies.

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