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This field study aims to reveal the importance of pedagogical treatment of all kinds: in addressing the phenomenon of failure in the school environment whether tribal treatment, immediate treatment, and postponed treatment Pedagogical processing is a device that includes a set of actions by the teacher to remedy shortcomings and fill the gaps experienced by learners during the learning process in which they focus on a clear diagnosis of these difficulties as well as on the reasons that gave rise to them, To determine how best to treat them, feedback techniques will improve pupils' academic performance on the one hand and build bridges for effective communication between teachers and learners on the other. Building a robust and effective pedagogical treatment strategy has a strong relevance to the effectiveness, accuracy of the diagnosis of causes and knowledge of the factors that led to the school failure of not succeeding in learning, or not succeeding in a particular subject as well as failure The original community of study is a group of professors distributed on the 4 of primaries located at the state level of Constantine. The study sample was 40 teachers, randomly selected from the original community. The current study tool was observation, defined as observing and carefully observing a particular phenomenon and recording observations step by step in order to achieve the best and most accurate results

Keywords: Pedagogical Treatment, Failure in The School Community، Strategies