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Lamyaa Yaseen ZGHAIR


Research Summary: The current research aims to know: 1. Human behavior according to Freud's perspective 2. Freud's concept of taboo 3. The concept of virtue according to Freud 4 . Human behavior between pleasure and reality For the purpose of verifying this, the descriptive method was used to study its suitability in achieving the goals of current research in the concept of behavior, its components and interpretations according to Freud B ( consciousness), dividing it into three levels: feeling, pre-feeling, unconscious, feeling .he used an expression that is identical to the meaning used in everyday life, it includes all the sensations and experiences that we are aware of at any moment, and he stressed that human feeling is only a small and limited aspect of our personality because only a small part of our thoughts, and our feelings and our memories exist in the perceived feeling. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) presented us with a different philosophy that contradicts the philosophical concepts that man's rational nature is distinguished from other living beings by possessing reason and language, proceeding from human behavior not dire cted by reason, but by what is stronger than reason and more influential in human behavior: he called motives, which means irrational instincts that affect our social life and human civilization, as expressed by desire, need and longing. He explained that the most important part is the most invisible part that exists under the surface (the unconscious), which are not parts of the personality or divisions in the physical sense and are not a qualitative or spatial subject for a person, but they refer to processes, systems or systems of the mind and organize mental life and interact dynamically with each other. In the light of what was presented in the research paper, a number of recommendations and proposals were made .

Keywords: Human behavior, Virtue, Tabu