Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Education

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The Corona pandemic (Coved 19) imposed on education radical shifts in its work philosophy, tools, methods, methods, methods, activities, programs, policies and plans, in a way that establishes an advanced stage of community awareness that education has to build and frame in the behavior of learners. Society in general, which is fundamentally related to the issue of educational identity and the extent of intellectual maturity, well-established frameworks, effective performance strategies, clear scenarios, deep concepts that stabilize the strategic dimension of education, and convictions that place the quality of education on the list of priorities and manage the vision of economic and social development alike, Thus its ability to adapt to the circumstances, attitudes and events produced by Corona or caused both its existence or concealment, and to work to reproduce it so that it finds all these events, attitudes, challenges or even opportunities created by Corona and imposeit on the life of society;The circumstances and variables that accompanied this pandemic make the identity of education an determining platform for use in monitoring, interpreting and correcting misconceived concepts or ideas in circulation, to reach society in a clear and clear form of understanding and a proven business model.

Keywords: Strategies, E-Learning, After the Corona Pandemic