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Reem Khamees MAHDI


Enhancing a sense of self-power, cooperation, inclusion, authenticity, social justice, and combating racism are among the most important foundations of feminist therapy. This type of psychotherapy emerged after the activity of the feminist movement, and the feminist movement views traditional psychotherapy as a tool in the hands of men to turn facts against women. Feminist therapy focuses on strengthening women's resolve and helping them break the stereotype that hinders their human development. It is characterized by its diversity among liberals; cultural; Radicalism and Socialist Feminism. One of its most important principles is that everything that is personal is political, and it is concerned with social change as an integral part of personal change. It is also characterized by a set of new technologies such as self-disclosure; Gender Role Analysis; power analysis; reframing and finally social action, each of which is characterized by its role and purpose in the treatment and for the benefit of the client. This type of therapy is effective in treating conditions related to anxiety, depression, trauma, body image, and challenges in human relationships. As any new idea proposed; It takes time for it to spread and gain supporters. At the end of the research, the researcher reached a number of recommendations and suggestions in this regard.

Keywords: Feminism, Therapy, Women