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Tahani Ibrahim El ALI, Helwe Jaber QUSQUSE


The study aimed to identify the application of e-learning in Jordanian public and private universities: Proposals for improvement, the study adopted the qualitative approach, and the two researchers conducted interviews with (25) A faculty member from both public and private Jordanian universities. The results of these interviews showed that Faculty members presented six proposals to improve the application of e-learning in universities The Jordanian government and private sector included the adoption of modern technical and technological strategies that are appropriate to reality Education in Jordanian public and private universities is handled by highly qualified educational leaders High and effective, Jordanian universities seek to accept the change in educational environments universities and adapting to smart digital developments and adopting them in successful ways, universities adopt a methodology It has its own electronic system that is distinguished and unique to it internationally and globally, which increases its competitive advantage among universities The Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education aims to increase financial allocations in support of e-learning and acceptance of community partnership Based on cooperation and partnership for the advancement of university education at all stages and levels, activation Jordanian universities use targeted educational platforms that are commensurate with the skills of workers And their technical capabilities, spreading the culture of e-learning among all employees in Jordanian universities and its importance Keeping pace with the currents of digitization in the current era. The study recommended taking into account the proposals of a sample Studying the activation and promotion of elearning in Jordanian universities

Keywords: E-Learning, Jordanian Universities, Proposals For Improvement.