Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Woman Research

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Noha Jaafar OUFI


The woman transferred from a passive in the poetry world to an active entity in the novel's ‎world which put her under the concern facing trouble and the society suffers that she has as ‎a doubter, wife, and a sweetheart, the novel lance targeted her from the first beginning of ‎this art, Al-Refaee is and of those who wrote about her to talk on the behalf of her tongue in ‎most of his novel works.‎ The reader of those novels find that it is built of three pillars:‎ First: the case of the divorce and the divorced woman in the Arab society.‎ Second: Educated woman and the failure marriage relationship.‎ Third: the reason behind the woman's involvement in the matter of the outer marriage ‎affairs.‎ My work in this research will base on these three pillars and treating each one through ‎the character which is a study that deals with this subject as more than art techniques and ‎how the character in each pillar is a symbol of a sample of society for erecting more ‎questions of the concentration on the satisfaction that allows changes.‎ Aim of the research ‎1- Identifying the symbol of the women in the novel as a social phenomenon in itself.‎ ‎2- The women's picture in Kuwaiti society.‎ ‎3- The woman in the past (grandmen fiction), and the present (the event of the novel).‎ The research significance:‎ Putting the finger on women picture in the Kuwaiti society in particular and the Arab ‎society in general and the mediation of calling for freedom and the violence she suffers ‎from, the novel as the first are of the society plays a big role in turning the society page an ‎identifying the troubles and all the changes especially the post-modern novel which ‎uncovers the marginal people and makes them heroes that talks by theirs tongues and ‎displays their problems, and this what we will be treating in our research, God willing.‎

Keywords: Woman, Society, Kuwaiti, Talib Al-Refaee.