Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: International Relations

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Researcher Jasim Hasan JASIM & Pro. Dr. Harith Hazem AYOUB


Fear is the primary cancer of the immune system. The more fear increases, the less the immunity decreases. Nothing kills the immune system, such as fear. What happens today in the world to exaggerate the public´s fear of Corona virus has negative consequences for public health, in addition to the partial and total prohibition that it takes. Many countries of the world that affect the livelihood of people and their actions, and often reflect negatively on large groups of society in which this pandemic is spreading, and this in turn increases the need of people to get basic and necessary assistance to continue and sustain life, the most important of which is food and water , Most of the governments of the countries were unable to offer everything necessary for their citizens, either in whole or in part, so they resorted to the use of voluntary and internal associations and teams to get immediate and urgent aid or food and work to deliver them to the citizens who desperately need them, and it turns out through this study that many Voluntary organizations, societies, and teams around the world have responded to these appeals, whether humanitarian or interest-based. If this indicates something, it indicates the principle of social solidarity that Islam came up with, reinforced and emphasized. On the other hand, volunteer work was able to restore or extend bridges of trust between different Peoples and between different groups of one people. According to the sociology vision, fear of the unknown or forces Nature is one of the factors that drive meeting and joining together to survive and continue, and this is what happened in the face of the covid-19 virus in terms of interdependence and people helping each other in different countries of the world.

Keywords: Work, Volunteer, Corona, Pandemic.