Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Media and Communication

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Over the past two decades, fact-checking has expanded from internal media function to 237 independent organizations that actively check and verify the statements of public figures and track disinformation across 78 countries. This study investigates the role of watchdog reformers and fact-checkers as an emerging movement that seeks to secure the accuracy of information by holding accountable public figures and media networks for any errors or the dissemination of false claims across the globe. Three of these organizations located in US. Europe, and Africa are operating as non-profit organizations, and analyzed for this research study:, Full Fact, and Africa Check. This study conducts textual analysis with a close reading of articles dealing with the coverage of coronavirus from the three websites. The study aims to analyze how these dedicated fact-checking organizations are operating, and how the functions encompassed by social responsibility theory guide their motives. The data is gathered through the collection of fact-checking articles on the organizations´ websites. It is showed that the selected functions of social responsibility theory guide the objectives of the three fact-checking organizations analyzed, which are to supply public affairs information, enlighten society, keep watch against the governments. This study approaches different mechanisms to map areas of convergence as well as divergence within these fact-checking outlets

Keywords: Verifying News, Coronavirus, Journalism