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This study aims at identifying the necessity of adopting the philosophy of Total Quality System due to the great success this management (administrative) approach achieved. Thus, it has been utilized in different fields, including university administration through improving organizational standards; taking into consideration that the institution of higher education is one of the most important pillars of constituting societies. In the presence of all the demands calling for improving both level and quality of higher education for the sake of developing, enhancing the university outcomes and identifying individuals’ needs after knowing them. Besides, meeting the desires of all beneficiary workers and achieving their goals. Rather, striving to realize their expectations so that the university can meet the challenges of the twenty-first century and impose itself in accordance with the increase of competition amongst sectors. Therefore, the traditional administrative methods are no longer useful, and most of the developed countries have been able to find mechanisms to ameliorate higher education. The study concludes that this administration must be turned on and adopt a culture of Quality System that contributes to the development of higher education and gives competition gains for the sake of achieving endless progress. Therefore, reaching broader prospects, in which innovation and creativity are prevalent, with the participation of all participants and all skills and competencies in this vital field

Keywords: Quality, Quality of Education, Standards, University Administration.