Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 4   Area: Sociology

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Prof. Dr. Mohamed KALOU


Tolerance is the focus point for all the different fields of life. History is the true witness and speaker fort he tolerance which connected Muslims with people of other religions. The Quran calls for dealing others with the best way. Among the principles of Islam is not coercing anyone for faith. The enemies witnessed fort he tolerance of Muslims. Our Islamic heritage is full of tolerance at the theoretic and practical level and we do not need to dig in our heritage to show this fact. Because tolerance with its ideal form was a light that our past people lived under it. This happened in a practical manner when our Prophet (pbuh) acknowledged religious freedom in the first constitution of Madinah whereby He agreed that the Jews constitute a single society with Muslims and when He welcomed the visitors from Nejashe from the Christians of Ethiopia and served them himself. He also welcomed Christians from Nejran. This way Islam dealt with tolerance at all discrimination and stratification events and made people equal regarding rights and obligations to achieve many interests which benefits humanity.

Keywords: Tolerance, Tolerance rules, Religious freedom, Heritage.