Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Law

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Abdallah Kalaf AL-RAGGAD, Rima Fadlallah CHEHAYEB


It goes without saying the extent of international interest in the issue ‎of human rights, especially after the establishment of the United ‎Nations Organization. This interest was translated in the Charter of ‎the United Nations of 1945, which established major organs of duties ‎to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms and ‎to emphasize equality without discrimination, as the Charter ‎authorized To establish sub-committees with a view to translating ‎the goals and purposes of the United Nations‏.‏ Where the International Council for Human Rights was established in ‎‎2006 to succeed the Commission on Human Rights, which is ‎affiliated with the General Assembly of the United Nations, where this ‎Council has undertaken multiple mechanisms for the promotion and ‎protection of human rights, and made achievements and ‎contributions with the aim of advancing them‏.‏This study came according to three sections. The first section dealt ‎with the development of the establishment of the Council through ‎exposure to the stage prior to its establishment, which is the era of ‎the Human Rights Committee, and then the era of its establishment ‎in which we dealt with introducing the Council in terms of ‎composition, membership and duties, and then assessing this ‎formation, and the second topic was allocated To clarify the ‎Council's mechanisms represented by special procedures and ‎complaints procedure, the universal periodic review, and the ‎advisory committee, and the evaluation of these mechanisms. As for ‎the third topic, it dealt with the most important contributions of the ‎Council‏.‏ The study concluded with a number of findings of the study, which ‎focused on the advantages and disadvantages of the Council, and ‎some recommendations, the most important of which is the emphasis ‎on the need for democratic representation in the Council and its ‎independence, and the implementation of its decisions and ‎recommendations through the Security Council, with its authority to ‎take measures in suppressing gross and systematic violations of ‎human rights

Keywords: Int Ernational Council For Human, Rights Human Rights Commission, United Nations General Assembly