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Beldjillali MALIKA, Bousmaha CHEIKH


This study aims to shed light on the vital role that the law plays in preventing environmental damage, promoting sustainable development, and ensuring the conservation of natural resources, on the basis that this protection still witnesses many contradictions at the theoretical or even applied levels, knowing that the international community has gone through many Among its institutions, especially the United Nations, it stipulated resolutions and charters affirming the right of peoples to self-determination and their right to complete control over their wealth and natural resources. Some countries even went so far as to care about the environment to make its preservation a constitutional principle, such as the Indian Constitution of 1976 and the Algerian Constitution of 2020. Due to the importance of environmental law in regulating the impact of human activities on the natural environment, through legislation protecting land, water resources, wildlife, air, soil, and others that are implemented through bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental law also includes penalties for violating behavior, such as fines and even imprisonment in some cases. It also relied mainly on the analytical approach, by analyzing and allocating the legal texts related to environmental protection in a way that enables us to determine the extent of their adequacy or deficiency in providing the necessary protection for various environmental interests, after which the descriptive approach is an exception. This is a situation that requires raising the following problem: How effective and efficient are laws in protecting the environment and natural resources? The study was divided into two sections, in the first section it dealt with the role of law in protecting the environment, and in the second section it addressed the role of law in protecting natural resources - a case study of Algeria - and in the end it concluded with a set of results and suggestions..

Keywords: Law, Environment, Environmental Protection, Natural Resources.