Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Literature

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Abdallah EZ-ZAKY


This study aims to show the method adopted by Hassan Hanafi to produce the new theology. ‎Hanafi can be considered one of the most interested Arab thinkers in theology, where he wrote an ‎important book in this section entitled: “From the Creed to the Revolution” in five volumes, that ‎falls within the Heritage Series and the New chapter on explaining the position on the old heritage. ‎In addition to many scientific articles and intellectual dialogues in which he, may God have mercy ‎on him, clearly explained his vision to produce the new theology.‎ ‎ It was confined to a statement of the methodological aspect of the the method for its ‎importance in building science. The establishment and development of science can only be in a ‎correct way, under which the scattered facts and scattered vocabulary are folded, to explain the ‎links or relationships that may exist between them, regulated by specific laws. The progress and ‎delay of science depend on the issue of the methodology, which revolves with it existence and non-‎existence, and therefore it can be said that the methodology preserves for science its order and ‎consistency, as it controls the human mind and mental actions, with fixed rules, so that it helps Man ‎reach the truth in the topics he studies.‎

Keywords: Hassan Hanafi, Curriculum, New Theology, Theoretical Premises.