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Hasan Al-Sadiq Ahmed AL-MARKHI


Since dress is an essential aspect of identity in human societies, and a badge that indicates belonging to national and religious principles, the issue of dress has been extremely important across times and places in human customs and customs. The Sunnah of the Prophet paid attention to this aspect and established in its rulings a purposeful dimension that indicates the level of morals, chivalry, modesty and virtue of the people. Through the emblem of clothing and adornment, to the extent that these values are preserved, the emblem of these principles becomes clear, and to the extent of negligence, these values disappear and may even die. Dress is considered the translated image of the behavior of individuals and groups and an expressive sign of belonging Through the above: This study came to shed light on the most important legal objectives of clothing through the most important and most authentic hadith sources, which is Sahih AlBukhari. Because this book was distinguished by acceptance and interest among the scholars of the nation, Imam Ibn Hajar said about it that “it enjoyed - from its author - a great deal of highlighting the jurisprudence of hadiths. Al-Bukhari’s intention was not only to narrate, but he was keen to show the wise jokes and the great jurisprudential benefits” (Al-Asqalani 1/8- 1379). In order to give scientific praise to this book, the aim of this study was to: extract these jokes and benefits that represent jurisprudential objectives from the collection of hadiths that he arranged under the headings of multiple chapters included in the book Al-Libas in Sahih. In order for these purposes to be a solution to many of the problems that revolve around the custom of dress, and to correct the concepts that in many of its manifestations among people, some of them have deviated to the point of exaggeration from one point of view, and from another point of view they have gone to the point of neglecting the values of morals, chivalry, and modesty related to the dress code. And decorations.

Keywords: Dress, Morals, Goals, Common Sense, Moderation.