Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Historical Studies

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Wafaa Ahmed MUSTAFA‎


Since the end of the second century AH-AD eighth century AD the ‎Islamic Maghreb witnessed the establishment of in dependent states in ‎all its parts in the lower Morocco the Aghlabid state was established and ‎the sons of Aghlabid were from an ancient Family that ruled Africa ‎throughout the third AH-ninth century AD founded by Ibrahim bin AI-‎Aghlab bin Salem AI- Tamimi who was confirmed by the year 184AH-‎‎800AD the pages of this research have been included within the ‎framework of the study of Islamic systems as they are among the most ‎important systems that contributed to building Islamic civilization as well ‎as providing security and achieving just and equality between the states ‎and peoples of the Islamic Maghreb so that the Islamic state knew its ‎security by the strength of its judicial is considered one of the most ‎prominent purpose of Islamic Sharia and the first goal that the rulers of ‎states seek to implement and to know the most prominent various ‎organization as well as the role of judges and the approach they ‎followed in applying the provisions of this system and what are its ‎legitimacy and conditions for its assumption the research is divided into ‎three main axes the first included the definition of the judiciary ‎linguistically and idiomatically and the emergence and development of ‎the judiciary in the majority state AS for the second axis it referred to the ‎appointment and dismissal of judges as well as their assistants while the ‎third axis talked about the institution of the majority judiciary which ‎included grievances the calculation and the police and the research came ‎out with a sent of important conclusions‎‎‎.

Keywords: The Judiciary, The Aghlabids, The Lower Morocco‎.