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Taha Adam AHMED


This study targeted a strong region in Chad (2008-2020) As one of the important archaeological and tourist areas in Chad, it contains a museum with heritage and cultural relics of the Sao community, who are the ancestors of the Ketko community, which is located in the south-west of Chad, which is a strong area, and the north of the Cameroon and Nigeria, which reflects the development of the region since ancient times. The problem of research in the study of a strong region and highlight its tourist elements, which has not received much attention by the state and society in the desired way. Based on this problem, several sub-questions have been raised, the most important of which is the lack of cultural awareness of the community and the weakness of infrastructure is a major obstacle in promoting tourism activity in the region of Gawi? The importance of research lies in highlighting the tourism reality of a strong region, while the study aimed to: - Identify the natural and human geographical components that exist in a strong region, and the problems facing tourism activity, Seeking to reach scientific results that help those in charge of the state to find appropriate solutions to these obstacles. The most important results were found: - There are geographical components of tourism in a strong region with no exploitation of these elements in the required was found through the study that a strong region suffers from a severe weakness in the infrastructure in general, as summarizedby their recommendations: The use of external expertise and training and rehabilitation of national cadres in the field of tourism. It is also recommended to pay attention to the museum of a strong area and maintain it well, especially in the autumn season, where rainwater leaks into the artifacts and damages them

Keywords: The Geographical Features; The Gawi Region; Chad.