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Intisar Mohammed Saboun HASSAN


This research aims to identify the economic situation for exporting the most important Sudanese oilseeds in shade of the Corona virus during the period (2018-2021). This research also aims to study export quantities and know the export price of sesame and groundnut crops، considering them the most important oil crops in Sudan, where the sesame crop occupies the first place among Sudanese crops exports by 71%, followed directly by the groundnut crop, in the second place in terms of the exported quantities, with an average of 29.5% during that period. The research also aims to know and explain the best export markets for them according to their geographical distribution, and then reach the optimal distribution of these exports among the importing countries, which achieves the highest return. The importance of this research comes in the fact that the foreign trade sector is considered one of the most important economic sectors in Sudan, because the issue of export is among the most important goals of comprehensive economic development in the country, and the agricultural sector represents the main pillar to support the Sudanese national economy, as it contributes to the gross national income. At an average rate of about 46.4% and it provides 60% of job opportunities .It is the second sector in terms of its contribution to exports, as it contributes 90% of the proceeds of non-oil revenues, according to the reports of the Central Bank of Sudan for the year 2021. But the problem lies in the fact that the export of oilseeds seemed to fluctuate between rise and fall from one period to another and from year to year as a result of many global variables that affected Sudanese trade, the most important of which was the appearance of the Corona virus, in addition to the appearance of global markets with a high competitive ability, as in this period (2018-2021). The price of the local currency rose sharply against the prices of foreign currencies, especially the dollar, which led to an increase in the prices of some commodities, Services and costs of local production inputs .This research will cover the introduction, main and secondary objectives, importance, research problem, theoretical framework for some concepts related to oil crops, research method and analysis, data sources, recommendations and proposals, list of sources and references

Keywords: Sudanese Oilseeds, The Economics.