Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Philosophy

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Historical knowledge has always occupied a distinctive status in human knowledge, as it can truly liberate humankind from their illusions and the transcendent conception of oneself and the past eras, which requires both objectivity and scientific approach. Therefore, I was keen on providing through this research, a historical study revolving mainly around the methodological, scientific, and critical approach, as well as its cognitive aspect in terms of the importance of content, in order to examine the current situation by studying the past. Therefore, a trustworthy historian is required to be based on his awareness of the conditions which he lives under, regardless of his geographical location. And he must wonder: isn´t it among the most crucial and important tasks of the historian, today, to be as equally invested in his current era and circumstances by being a legitimate thinker, even if he was dating back to previous eras ? Are we not supposed to benefit from the methods of experts in sociology and history and critical methodology, in the times where the Islamic minds stagnated, without neglecting the necessity to pay attention to the pitfalls of these curriculums? I have noticed that there has been a cruel indulgence in the early Islamic history record. This requires Muslim researchers, thinkers, and historians to dig deeper into the early Islamic past, as well as getting rid of the emotional reading because of how it impacts the way Muslims perceive their religion, history and how they subsequently react and relate to others who are different from them. This leads to increasing their extremist tendencies and intolerances.

Keywords: History, Record, Curriculum, Extremism.