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Samer Hossam Ali AL-SHALAH, Khawla Abdel Hassan ABDEL ALI


The current research contained four chapters that included the first chapter, the research problem and the aim of the research represented in identifying the dialogue gesture in the Assyrian sculpture in addition to the importance of the research and the need for it and the definition of terms, while the second chapter included the theoretical framework and previous studies, which contained two topics the first topic the concept of dialogue gesture philosophically while the second topic included the old Iraqi sculpture. The third chapter, included the research procedures from the research community, the research sample, the research tool, and the research methodology, while the fourth chapter included the results, conclusions, recommendations and proposals. The researcher reached the most important results as follows: 1. Expressive movements formed a plausible tool in achieving the dialogue gesture among the characters within the wall sculptural construction, as in the sample samples (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). 2. The nature of the subjects chosen for the Assyrian mural sculpting had an important role in achieving mutual dialogue in the construction of the mural work through the embodiment of the Assyrian sculptor scenes of coronation and handshake and the book and the scene of victory as in the sample models (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Conclusions: 1. The Assyrian murals formed a communicative vision for past and future generations. 2. The Assyrian sculptural murals represented a media outlet throughout the ages. The research also included a summary of the research in Arabic and English and a list of sources and appendice.

Keywords: Gesture, Dialogue, Assyrian Sculpture