Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 1   Area: Religious sciences

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Prof. Dr. Abd El Azeem Ahmed Abd El AZEEM


The term (state sovereignty) is one of the terms related to constitutions and laws throughout the ages, especially after the independence of states after the colonial periods. In the state, it is paralleled by the term (governance), which searches for the highest authority within the state, is it the ruler or the faqih. The concept of "governance" is similar to the concept of sovereignty in Western thought, as the Kharijites said their famous saying, "There is no one to rule except God. The imbalance in the historical and contemporary understanding of the sovereignty of Islamic groups has led to the recognition by many thinkers that it is a concept that is not applicable in contemporary Islamic countries, but rather is a major cause of armed conflicts within the Muslim country and an entrance to undermine its power at the internal and regional level. Hence, this research presents the concept of sovereignty among fundamentalist groups compared to that of political sciences.

Keywords: Al-Hakmiah, Al-Khawarej, Political Boundaries, Religious State, Civil State, Political Islam, Dar Al Islam, Dar Al Harb.