Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Historical Studies

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Researcher Asma Aldjia BOUCHAIB


The world has pictured in his vision, a very important,much discussed and researched topic under the names and concepts of the relationship between "the self" and "The other" or "the image of the other" which is one of the topics taken from the overall vision of the world ; since the topic of "the other" has become part of the global cultural system today, it is not possible to conceive of the self without conceiving the "other" in light of the relations established by globalization. Perhaps the most important literary genre that dealt with this problem is the novel, as it dominated the literary scene within the so-called new novel, so I saw the work on it, so my choice fell on the Moroccan novel, specifically the novel of "El Nekhas" by Salah El-Din Bouajah, as a Moroccan novelist with a modernist vision, and the aim of this study is to uncover the mystery that follow sit through a number of questions, which we formulate as follows: What is meant by the other? Can a Maghreb novelist ignore the other / the West in the exhibition of his speech and his identity? Why does his position on this other become tragic? Why does this other west take a hostile attitude towards the Arab ego? What is the vision or image that the Moroccan narration of this other and his authority presented to us? We have relied in our research on the psychological approach because it is concerned with studying the human being internally, mixed with description mechanisms in narrating the actions of "the I" and "the other".

Keywords: Authority, The Ego, The Other, Al Nakhas Novel.