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Ammar Hamli MUARICH


The poet (Bahaeddin Karakoc) is considered one of the leading poets in Turkish poetry and literature in the twentieth century. He was born on March 5, 1930 in the town of Al-Bustan in KahramanmaraĢ Governorate, southeastern Turkey. He has poet brothers, the famous poets Abd al-Rahim Karakoc and Ertugrul Karakog. Bahauddin Karakoc wrote a lot of works in his 88-year-old life. Teacher-poet Bahauddin Karakoc died on October 16, 2018. He was buried in Cihadil Cemetery in his hometown, Kahramanmaras. The poet wrote many important books of poetry, such as Siran and the Voice of the Deaf, A Pair of White Eagles, Layla and the Love of the Day. He deftly dealt with themes such as blame, grief, separation, reunion, and longing in his poems. He deserved many awards, and his works were especially embraced by the Turkish people. The poet emphasizes longing, which he means in the same sense as longing. Since longing, as a psychological concept, is in fact a phenomenon that sometimes drives a person into depression, While it is possible to achieve some compatibility in this concept with the impossible. For example, accidents such as impossible love and death leave nothing but longing in man. Where his longing continues until he dies, that is, the separation that cannot be met. This impossible aspect of the concept of longing, as it particularly affects the person. The journey of longing, continuing with hopes and dreams until the day of reunion, takes on an emotional structure with the language of poets. Longing, as a concept emotionally charged from head to toe, found its place in the poems of the poet Bahauddin Karakoc, who wrote very emotional and touching longing poems, He explained this concept in Poems. We begin our work with this comprehensive summary. Then, after introducing the life and literary personality and the works of Bahaeddin Karakoc, one of the most important poets of Turkish literature in the twentieth century, the concept of longing will be emphasized. Finally, we will deal with the understanding of longing in the immortal poems of Bahauddin Karakoc.

Keywords: Longing, Bahauddin Karakoc, Poetry, Poet, Literature, Longing, Baldness, Waiting, Victory, Refraction, Passion, Interpretation and Thought, Kinship, Reunion, Separation, Homelessness