Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 3   Area: Geography

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Dr. Wisam Abdullah JASIM & Dr. Haider Abdulameer RAZOOQ


The philosophy of geography is based on the way in which phenomena are distributed on the surface of the earth and the relationships that define that distribution and the spatial patterns that result from it, and that the topic of comprehensive development is not suitable for its total study except geography, which is characterized by a comprehensive approach as an applied science that has a role in studying the foundations of development, And show the relationship between development and planning as a goal and a means, and between geography and planning, as they meet in the field of regional planning. Hence, the aim of the research came to shed light on the relationship between geography and development, in order to highlight the importance of this science and its vital role in studying the subject of development in an attempt to approach the applied geographical concept of development, and the importance of research lies in identifying the spatial dimensions of the distribution of geographical phenomena, especially what Relating to it on the subject of development, the research structure included three topics, as the first topic dealt with the concept of development and its measures, and the second topic dealt with the relationship between development, planning and geography, and the third topic discussed distinctive models of development, and at the end of the research came the conclusion.

Keywords: Applied Geography, Geographical Thought, Development Geography.