Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Language Teaching

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Amahdouk MOHAMED


It is self-evident to say : there is no mobility of language without the kinetic of the term because it is the backbone of scientific language and the mainstay of its technical and procedural concepts. And as the sciences, arts, and technologies were constantly developing and expanding, their idiomatic structures were constantly changing and changing ; Scientific knowledge is always changing, and its change takes a kind of "accumulation", by adding the new to the old, and then the scope of knowledge is constantly expanding. If many thinkers accept the parallel between language and thought, it may happen that the linguistic development does not keep pace with the intellectual development, so the terminology will have to generate special terms to name the new concepts. The term, then, is an ancient and modern topic; It is archaic as long as it dates back to the beginnings of the formation of culture represented in original sciences for which there was a need to create a formal conceptual apparatus of its own, and it is a modern topic, because the need for the term has become more urgent in all types of contemporary thought, especially in the Amazigh linguistic thought, which He found himself suddenly in front of a scientific civilization invading him with its sciences, techniques and literature, and inviting him to consolidate his terminological structure, so that he would be at the level of the current challenges and keep pace with the many transformations taking place in the global intellectual arena. And then this study seeks, through exhuming some of all the global idiomatic generation strategies as a result of the idiomatic generation, to contribute to the workshops of standardizing the Amazigh language and its standardization, by preparing the ground for the enrichment of the various archaic and semantic fields. It has a wide production capacity and a great creative capacity in the process of generating terms, and it can sort new Amazigh linguistic units at a level of great accuracy and clarity.

Keywords: The Term, The Terminology, The Neology, The Amazigh Language, Standardization, The Linguistic Development.