Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Historical Studies

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Ohood Abbas AHMED


At the beginning of the nineties of the last century, one of the most prominent Arab problems appeared ‎in the Middle East, which was represented by Iraq‏´‏s invasion of Kuwait, which was the most prominent ‎event at all levels, regional and international, given the great political and strategic changes that the ‎invasion provoked in the region and the difference in attitudes and consensus at other times, ‎including‏ ‏It was necessary for us to study and analyze the position of one of the most important Arab ‎countries in the region, which is the Syrian position on the issue of Iraq‏´‏s invasion of Kuwait and its ‎repercussions, and the Syrian government‏´‏s attempt to settle that conflict by adopting various effective ‎ways to contain the crisis and prevent the dispersal of the Arab nation with its focus on finding a ‎peaceful solution to avoid the countries of the region from possible future dangers‏. ‏It cannot be ‎controlled later, which is what prompted it to go along with all the Arab and international resolutions ‎that condemned that invasion. That is why it sought to announce its position on the issue of the ‎invasion clearly and transparently, and on several occasions, it did not deviate from its national and ‎Arab principles until the date of the liberation of Kuwait and the resolution of the crisis and its end‎‎.

Keywords: Iraq, Syria, Invasion, Security Council, Saudi Arabia, Arab League, Kuwait