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Salih Fathullah ALDOFANI, Salem Fathullah ALDOFANI


The banking industry is witnessing a significant growth in financial and banking transactions that are compatible with the provisions and principles of Islamic Sharia, whether in the field of opening new Islamic banks or through the conversion of some traditional banks to operating in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia or by opening Islamic windows for them, especially after the financial crisis that struck the ... The economy of most countries. It is also known that traditional Sharia auditing consumes time and effort, especially in light of the developments and developments that affected the size, quantity, nature and complexity of activities, as the degree of certainty was affected by the increase in the sample size, in order to reach the required degree of certainty . The research problem is the importance of Sharia auditing in limiting... What are the risks facing Islamic banks? This research aims to introduce the concept of Sharia audit And the types of risks to which Islamic banks are exposed and also the inductive approach by extrapolating the importance of Sharia auditing to confront risks in Islamic banks by relying on references and previous studies. The most important results that The research concluded that the Sharia auditor is the one who is familiar with Islamic financial transactions in addition to academic qualification, and there are many risks facing Islamic banks, and that Sharia auditing is obligatory in Islamic banks in accordance with the fundamentalist Sharia rule (that what the duty cannot be accomplished without is obligatory). The researcher recommends supporting the cooperation of efforts between the internal Sharia auditor and the external Sharia auditor to achieve reasonable assurance of Islamic banks’ compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. In order to reduce risks, the Sharia audit must be carried out by competent and professionally qualified employees who are familiar with the Sharia provisions.

Keywords: Sharia Audit, Islamic Banks, The Economy.