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Zainab Hussein SALEH


The Almighty said: (Today I have perfected for you your religion, and I have completed My favor upon you, and I have approved for you Islam, Islam is a religion of ease for you. Considering contemporary evidence as one of the recognized means of proof is evidence of the validity of Islamic jurisprudence in deducing contemporary jurisprudence rulings based on secondary evidence accompanying the primary evidence (testimony, writing, confession, and conclusive evidence in proving crimes or attributing rights). Evidence was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet, and it was inferred judicially by the Holy Prophet and the honorable Companions Islamic Sharia has accompanied very many issues and issues in the life of human societies according to scientific and technical progress that coincided with the developments of the era, and because Islamic Sharia aims to preserve the necessities and needs of Muslims as well as their improvements. What suits their lives and legitimate goals at the same time.Contemporary evidence is numerous that require a wide knowledge and understanding of the issues and problems presented to the jurist to help him reveal the facts and know the culprit, including: genetic fingerprint, blood type, medical examination, taking pictures, and the like, which were not available in the past, and to give the jurists their opinions and fatwas because The people need it, and the jurisprudence rulings that show the ability of Islamic jurisprudence to assimilate these issues and treat them in a precise manner, which is clear evidence that Islamic Sharia is immortal. in the legislation.

Keywords: Rulers of Contemporary Evidenc, Islamıc Jurısprudence.