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Noor Sabia Khamees Ali AL-ZAIDY


The subject of the research tagged (public diplomacy and its role in the foreign policy of the state (Qatar as a model)) dealt with how and the extent of the impact of public diplomacy on the foreign policy of the state, and the importance that the researcher sees for public diplomacy at the international level and its role in making events, directing political policies and decisions and influencing international relations is a basic starting point for studying the subject, and then crystallizing it into a problem worth researching and studying. Which lies in a major question is the meaning of how public diplomacy affects the making and implementation of the foreign policy of the state, has divided the research into three basic sections, the first topic: looking at the concept of public diplomacy and concepts approach, the second topic: focuses on the dimensions of public diplomacy and tools, The third section seeks to clarify its role in the foreign policy of the state by studying the public diplomacy of the State of Qatar as a model for the state that is interested in this form of diplomacy and employs it in its international relations. This led to different results, the most important of which is that the definitions of public diplomacy differed according to the stages they went through and based on the circumstances and variables of the international reality at each stage, and the future of public diplomacy depends on scientific research based on the participation of researchers from different sciences such as communication sciences, media, public opinion, politics and international relations. In this regard, the State of Qatar has been able to overcome its demographic and geographical weaknesses by providing a range of strategic soft power means, including public diplomacy.

Keywords: Public Diplomacy - Foreign Policy - Sports Diplomacy - Cultural Diplomacy - Digital Diplomacy- Qatar .