Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Historical Studies

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Sahira Hussein MUSA


Just as civil life in any society results in incidents and events, the army is also a society with its military laws which governing and operating it. The military community is part of civil society, and there are common and special issues, all aimed at the permanence of the state, and securing its people, government, land and interests aimed at progress and prosperity. After the emergence of the Ottoman Empire and the development of its geographical area, it had to develop judicial systems and what related to it as functions and positions, such as the position (Judge Askar Kazasker) or (Judge Askar Kadıasker), thus ,the military judge was the one who deals with the issues of Sharia in the Ottoman Empire, and it is his authority to appoint judges, teachers and the legitimate official and repealing decisions of the judges, change them and make new decisions. In other words, the military judge objects to the decisions of the judges in the Court of Judicial Proceedings. The need for military judicial formations among the Ottomans was reflected in two things: the appointment of civil judges and teachers for organizating of judiciary and education, and for the settlement of disputes between soldiers in the army. these were the duties and the execution of other related transactions that established the Ottoman civil service. ‎

Keywords: The Ottoman Empire, The Judiciary In The Ottoman Empire, The Military judge.