Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Religious sciences

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Hama Saeed Ali Muhammad SAEED


There is confusion in the intellectual and political arena and the relationship of religion with the state, and it is known that an important and main part of this confusion results from the lack of serious treatments of the texts of legislation, as Quranic studies related to the political aspect have been neglected in light of a belief prevailing among the elite and the public that the Quran does not include only very narrow political perceptions and concepts. That is why this research came to be an attempt in the field of Qur’anic studies to explore terms and concepts in the Holy Qur’an that contain perceptions and political implications that can be basic features of the Islamic political system and can be added as rules in the Islamic political system. The researcher, in the light of several Qur’anic texts and based on the sayings of Al-Mansuri and the jurisprudence of scholars and thinkers in the field of Qur’anic studies and the jurisprudence of legal politics, has proven and clearly demonstrated that Islam is concerned with the political jurisprudence of the state as much as it is concerned with the devotional and moral life, and that the Holy Qur’an is a book that mixes religion and the world, the mosque and the state. It is a book of curriculum and sharia, law, state, leadership and worship. ‎

Keywords: The Holy Quran, Concepts, Politics, State and Sharia, Leadership and Worship