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Jawdat Abed Taha ALMAZLOOM


The research aims to demonstrate the keenness of Islam to highlight the role of women and their participation ‎in building state institutions and to give them the right to participate in the management of their institutions, ‎provided that their participation is disciplined by the rules and teachings of Islam‏.‏ In this research, I wanted to respond to what was said that Islam is unfair to women and confine their place to ‎the home only, so I highlighted and demonstrated the legal rulings that I deduced from the origins and rules of ‎Islamic law in this field, and my contribution and participation also in the first conference for women held by the ‎Turkish State University of Egdir and Istanbul Gedik University, in cooperation with the Turkish Rimar Academy, ‎and under the generous sponsorship of Al-Quds Open University, the Kazakh Abay University, the Iraqi ‎University, the Center for Women’s Studies at the University of Baghdad, and the Association of Jordanian ‎Academics And the Jasmine Association for the Support and Empowerment of Jerusalemite Women and the ‎Association for International Education and Academic Research The first international scientific conference for ‎women in the Turkish city of Istanbul, as well as the possibility of participating remotely on the days of ‎‎09/10/11/12 March - March 2023 AD, and this research was tagged with the title “Palestinian Women and ‎Participation Politics" A comparative jurisprudential study in an introductory topic, two sections, and a ‎conclusion‏.‏‎ The introductory topic: I explained the meaning of the right and mentioned the most important ‎general rights of women‏.‏ As for the first topic: I divided it into several demands. The first requirement: I defined politics: linguistically and ‎idiomatically: The second requirement: I talked about the ruling on women's political participation in general, ‎and the third requirement: I explained the ruling on women's participation in the work of legislative councils. As ‎for the fourth requirement: I mentioned the rule of women's mandate in the various ministries‏.‏‎ As for the ‎second topic: I divided it into several demands. The first requirement is a statement of the provisions of ‎women’s mandate as the Great Imam، and as for the second demand, I outlined the ruling on women’s ‎participation in their mandate to head the state‏.‏ Then the conclusion: I mentioned the most important results that I reached in the research. God grants ‎success.

Keywords: Palestinian Women and Political Participation