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Jasim Khazaal BAHEEL


The research discussed the subject of motives and needs and their relationship to the use behavior of the industrial product by the user. Proceeding from the statement of the nature of the motives and how they represent the main incentive for the acquisition. As well as defining what the needs are and how they differ from the desires, which today represent the basic need of the user of the current age. The relationship between arousal, attention, motives and behavior is an emerging relationship from the type of effect that the product has, and these elements are what excite the user and generate the motive for the acquisition, and by virtue of the motive, the user goes towards the product with specific behaviors that affect the overall experience of the user’s interaction with the industrial product with its physical, intellectual and emotional effects.Motivation, behavior and perceived value are a conjugative triad, one linked to the other according to the premises of actual need - or perceived - and all of them are affected by the user experience, which may increase the perceived value and then the motivation and certainly the use behavior or quite the opposite, depending on the type of use experience. The research aims to discuss the variables of usage, user experience, and how usage behavior is affected by the type of user experience, whether it is good or bad.These cognitive paradoxes were discussed according to a methodological foundation based on a problem represented by the research question: What are the frameworks of motives and needs that the user works on to determine his desires toward the industrial product design from the features and characteristics that the product contains? What is the relationship between usage behavior and user motives and needs? This problem was a logical manifestation that must be delved into in light of the importance of the research, which was to shed light on the concepts of motives, needs and user behavior from within the field of industrial product design. And to show the links and overlaps between these concepts and the overall interactive process of the user's experience with the industrial product. In order to achieve the two objectives of the research: Determining the nature of the relationship between motives and needs within the interaction of the user with the industrial product. And the impact of motives and needs on the user's use behavior. The researcher was able to achieve the goals in a way that addresses the research problem in light of a set of conclusions that were discussed in a way that fulfilled the research requirements.

Keywords: Motives, Needs and The Relations, Industrial Product.