Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 5   Area: Literature

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Dr. Siham Hassan KHUDHUR


The topic of Modernity is considered one of the prominent issues for societies that witness radical and comprehensive transformations in various educational, psychological, social, cultural and economic fields, which imposes its study by extrapolating the interactions that take place between these areas at the level of different sectors of society and tracking the effects that could lead to modernization A certain and its repercussions in the various parties and powers, so when analyzing the phenomenon of modernity, it is necessary to study a number of dynamic variables that affect the societal system and its educational, psychological, cultural, and social institutional framework, and the interconnected sites and related roles Mutual effect, modernity is a complex subject that should be addressed. The phenomenon of modernity is one of the recent phenomena that emerged after the Second World War, which makes it more difficult to study and analyze it, especially in developing countries that are undergoing a period of rapid social transformation, as it is noted that the institutions of society that have an impact on change respond very slowly and do not modify their practices only after they are subjected Strong pressures and influences, as a result of the intertwining factors and forces affecting the phenomenon of modernity.

Keywords: Arabic literature, Modernity, The Arab world.