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Hassan Khalaf RADI, Nabil IBRAHIM, Saad Abdul Najm AL-ABDALI, Jamal Dawood SALMAN


The macro prudential policy expresses a set of procedures and steps through procedures and steps through which systemic risks are identified, monitored and controlled to reduce the accumulation of these risks and enhance the financial system‘s ability to withstand shocks, using a set of tools based on a set of basic indicators, and systemic risks are meant: risks of developments that threaten the stability of the financial system and thus the entire economy. The Iraqi economy was exposed to internal and external complex shocks that led to the distortion of the production structure and all sectors and disparity in income, which led to an increase in unemployment rates, an increase in poverty rates and budget deficits, which led to the accumulation of debts, and an imbalance occurred between savings and desirable investment, and the rooting of the imbalance in the structure of foreign trade (between exports and imports The weakness of the monetary and financial policies and their conflict in many cases, the weakness of the banking system and the underdevelopment of the financial market all led to the economy‘s inability to resist those complex, complex and even Volume 5, Issue 2, March 2023 589 simple shocks, which led to the failure to achieve the financial stability in Iraq necessary to achieve sustainability in it.

Keywords: Macro Prudential Policies, Financial Stability, Budget Deficits, Monetary And Financial Policies, Economic Shocks.