Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Majeed Khairallah RAHI, Abdelmalek BELKHEIRY


This research seeks to study the functional ‎relationship between the lexical units and what ‎the hypotheses of textual linguistics and ‎pragmatics put forward, and this is what required ‎us to address the functional achievement achieved ‎by words in terms of functions and values within ‎texts according to relationships based on meaning, ‎referral and intent.‎ In order to reach an actual explanatory competence ‎that guarantees accurate knowledge of how the ‎lexicon works, this calls for research into the ‎functional support relationships between levels of ‎grammar, and semantics, and deliberation in ‎building and interpreting the rules of text ‎formation and discourses at the linguistic and ‎pragmatic levels‏.‏‎ This is on the grounds that the ‎structural and semantic properties formed the core ‎of the textual research, and therefore the textual ‎research is carried out on the levels: grammar, ‎semantics and circulation and it is not ‎permissible to separate them‏.‏ And the research on the relations of ‎methodological compatibility and functional ‎integration between the lexicon, text, and ‎circulation, is usually related to the study of ‎the textual/pragmatic functionalism accomplished ‎by lexical units within texts, according to the ‎processes of linking and cohesion between the ‎constituent units of the text and the ‎conversational processes performed between ‎interlocutors in certain contextual conditions‏.‏ Accordingly, the treatment of the established ‎relationship between the lexicon, the text and the ‎circulation remains determined mainly by ‎clarifying the functions that words accomplish ‎within the circle of communication, that is, ‎studying the role of words and the extent to which ‎they are related to the activity of speech‏.‏ The boundaries drawn by dictionaries for the word ‎within narrow circles, related to description and ‎identification necessarily, will be different from ‎those textual/deliberative conditions of the word ‎included in the conversational processes charged ‎with the terms of interaction and influence, and ‎this is what prompts us to distinguish between the ‎words deposited in the memory of dictionaries and ‎their expressive efficiency achieved in the ‎context.

Keywords: Lexicon, Analysis, Text, Concepts‎.