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Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


By the nature of Language definition and practical uses, Language is an important human entity that makes humanity and human existence feasible and real. On one hand, human languages make it possible for all the human communities to extend social and real-life bonds that guarantee living sources and secure necessities of the living communities. On the other hand, and beyond its original use as a medium of communication, a human Language is a source of confirming human inventions and spreading knowledge about their skillful use. In this present study the prime goal and objective is to trace the efficiency of human languages in today's rapidly changing human communities either in terms of the great technological advancement, or in terms of pure humanity and social dimensions in terms of humanity equality or human rights which are now greatly considered and respected by the international institutions which preserve and put legislations for these humanity rights. For the sake of data collection, analyses, interpretations and discussion, the study will adopt the qualitative approach and a historical survey through which all the related data and studies will be tackled to process the study. The study will include all the essential research tools and sections such as the statement of the study, its importance, methodology, discussion, results, recommendations and suggestion for further future studies.

Keywords: Language, Efficiency, Changing, Human, Spaces, Communities, Needs.