Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 3   Area: Religious sciences

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Hanan Hamza Mohammed AHMED


Who made the people nations to know each others, and his family and companions and those who follow his guidance with charity until the Day of Judgment. This research aims to balance between the spiritual aspects and the jurisprudential provisions and the application of the rites of pilgrimage in the easy and the right way, so the application of the Mutawf for Hajj and Umrah came to be your guide in your journey to Allah Sacred House. This is a gift for pilgrims and worshipers of the House of Allah. It has been noted for years that the most questions and problems of pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims of the types of rites (Nosok), especially the act of comparison and singularity and the way of performance In time, tight and timeout, as well as those who leave a duty or did something that is forbidden ignorantly or doubtfully and the great deal of question about the ruling on Tawaaf of menstruating women. The study concluded that the jurisprudence of the rites (Nosok) is: Enjoyment - Comparison - Singularity. The enjoyment is the best is to make it Umrah, roams, seeks and shorten or shave his head makes his Umrah enjoyable, and this is what the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him ordered in the farewell pilgrimage. If the pilgrim is enjoyed and can´t perform Umrah for lack of time or illness or for the menstrual bleeding of the woman, then the pilgrim considered as compared. The farewell tawaaf is obligatory for every pilgrim who wants to leave Makkah to his country of men and chastity women, but if he/she delays the tawaaf of 'Ufaadah until he/she travels, then he/she roams to Hajj, Fell from him as well as menstruating women. It is necessary to contemplate contemporary understanding of certain texts of jurisprudential rulings in accordance with current facts and conditions. The modernization of the place of Jamarat, Ihram from the plane, and other emerging issues and emergency in the jurisprudence of pilgrimage (Hajj). Every Muslim should ask the scholars and students of knowledge about the matters of his religion so that he may be aware of them, as the Almighty says: "Ask the people of the message if you do not know." AnNahl: 43. There is nothing wrong with a woman using pills to prevent menstruation during the Hajj, because there is interest and usefulness in traveling with people, What is not ransom in it is forbidden is marriage contract, and it occurred in some of the prohibitions, saying, knowing, choosing and for no need, on him ransom and sin. This research was carried out in seven sections so the research concluded with the most important findings and recommendations.

Keywords: The Provisions of Hajj, Jurisprudence of Facilitation, Umrah.