Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Sevsen Aziz HILAYIF


Orhan Pamuk is considered one of the most important novelists and short story writers in Turkish Literature. The full name is Ferit Orhan Pamuk. He was born in Istanbul in 1952. He is now 69 year old and still alive. He is considered the first Turkish writer who wins Noble Prize for literature for the year 2006. He won several other prizes, one of which is Noble Prize because he has several short stories and novels. The White Castle is one of the most important novels for the author Orhan Pamuk who won the Noble Prize. It is considered a historical novel that belongs to the Ottoman Empire era in the 17th century. The novel revolves on one of the passengers who travels to Napoli through the sea. The Ottoman pirates captivate him and sell him to one of the Turkish people as slave. Both the master and the slave almost share the same features although they are from different geographic areas. The novel deals with the similarities and differences among the people of the and the people of the west in an accurate way. The concept of dream is to wish something favorable in the future. There were several types and ways of daydreams. This concept is different from one person to another. This term cannot be clearly defined because of its subjective nature. It appears in a very wide area, from the ability to maintain the thing dreamt to achieve to the world of dreams of the dreamer. Hence, the reality of daydreams is a wonderful art that is different from one person to another. We start the research by giving inclusive summary. In the Introduction, there is short summary for the life and literary personality of the Turkish author Orhan Pamuk as well as his works. The research introduces information about the novel which is the subject of the research paper. It introduces, through detailed study for the novel The White Castle, a detailed explanation about the art of dreams.

Keywords: Orhan Pamuk, White Castle, Dreaming, Thought, Time.