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Kadhim Abdallah Nazal AL-MYYAHI


The current era is characterized by many amazing developments in the scientific and technical field, resulting in rapid and successive scientific and technical breakthroughs that have their repercussions on the biological development that has become in line with scientific and technological development, so our study occupied great importance because there is a closely related link between medicine and law, as the human body has become The interests of medical and legal men, although the biological boom has achieved many benefits for humanity because of its great capabilities in the legal and criminal fields in the Iraqi legislation, and in many comparative legislation and according to it it has become of great legal importance on the practical and applied level, in proving crimes , and the discovery of criminals, in addition to its contribution to opening many fields and broad horizons for many issues that humanity has not witnessed before, however, the problem lies in an attempt to establish legal and ethical frameworks through which the contradictions produced by the revolution can be reconciled.Therefore, there was an urgent need to establish legal rules that achieve a balance between progress and rapid scientific boom, and between the protection of many personal rights. In light of this, our study followed the descriptive approach, as well as the comparative analytical approach.Based on the foregoing, my study was divided into two sections. In the first section, I dealt with the nature of DNA fingerprinting, its legal value, and its nature as proof of proof, in addition to being one of the works of medical expertise. Then, in the second section of the study, I dealt with the legislative position on DNA fingerprinting, its objective and procedural conditions, and its most important problems and obstacles that arise when working with it.

Keywords: Genetic Footprint; Comparative Legislation; The Human Body; Medicine And Law.