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I have studied in the previous article an interesting Subject entiteled “The personality of St.Francis of Assisi”. The Spiritual the Oricain of the Francis-cans order”. I have discussed in it aboutthis Italian young man who belonged to the region of Ombria -in the Middle Italy- . He is a son of an important trader in this city. Francis lived the first years of this life beneficted of the money which was offered to him by his family. He brought all things which he desiredand did not stop to participate to the festivals celibrated by his rich friends. After all this events, one day arrived when Francis decided suddenly to leave this beautiful life towards a meditation with a kind of modesty and imitating the Christ who encouraged humans to leave all their wealth and follow him. In this article, I have discussed about the religious life of Francis of Assisi. In the first step, Francis requested to the pope Innocent III (1198- 1216) to accept his rule which was accepted by this first Christian leader between the years 1209 or 1210. After this important event,I have elaborates the different steps in the construction of which was known “Franciscans order”. It is so important to say that despite this order,they went far from the spirit of the Christian principles which Francis insisted on it along his life, the Francis-can order remained one of the great religious order in the middle age. In other way, the Christian church considered it as an efficient weapon to distroy the heretics who threatened the existence of this religious institution. In addition to this, the Dominicans contributed to spread the Christians principle, and their role is also great in the effort of missionary.

Keywords: Francis of Assisi, Innocent III, Religious orders, The Albigensis, Dominicans.